Off Season

Off Season

Artist: Fabien Fourcaud

Publisher: Bromide Books

HKD 289

– Photographs : Fabien Fourcaud
– Edited by Fabien Fourcaud
– Forewords : Fabien Fourcaud
– Translation : Yuka Katagiri
– Book Size: 200 × 287 mm
– Pages: 112 pages
– Binding: Hardcover
– Paper : Coated Art Paper, 170g
– Print : Full offset quadri
Mettalic blue hotfoil print on pink cloth cover
– Limited Edition: 500, numbered
– ISBN : 978-988-77600-3-0

“If there is some strangeness in the exploration of new lands in search of memories, it comes from the possibility that we do not necessarily find what we were hoping for. Sometimes, one finds oneself in torpor, in the expectation of what will never ever be again.” 

— Fabien Fourcaud

The book starts with an introduction (French, English, and Japanese translation) like a movie. The search of something already gone, the wandering in the part of an infinity loop, even the brightest sun is cold here.

The original 2013 series by the artist who shot the off-season seaside on various locations along the french coast has been widely augmented with unreleased pictures to become a dream-like book of 112 pages of fine reproductions.

A wandering from the inside cities to the seashore, mooded with melancholy, nostalgia and the french je-ne-sais-quoi, between exploration and documentation of the skeleton of holidays, delivered in a pink cotton candy delicate hardcover.

Dream on.

About Fabien Fourcaud

Fabien Fourcaud is a French self-educated photographer born in 1979. He spent his childhood on the French Riviera (Agen, south of France) and has been living and working in Paris since 2007.

His approach has been in influenced by his former responsibilities as Creative and Experience designer in the field of 3D and virtual reality. Gilles Deleuze’s writings paved the way to his definition of a new concept of representation, and photographers addition to the exhibit of New Topographics, such as Stephen Shore and the Becher’s, weighted significantly on his practice of photography.

Fabien Fourcaud focuses on endlessly tracking breaking points as well as blurred areas within landscapes. He bears particular attention to non-places and likes to highlight the thin barrier between presence and absence. The way he treats his images, which are significantly desaturated , gives the feeling of a near-picture and questions the very fine limit between real and virtual.

About Bromide Books

Bromide Books is a young independent publishing company from Hong Kong. Founded by a French long-time photography lover, Bromide Books opened its doors in 2016. Only focused on photography, Bromide Books shows dedication to promoting the young, unknown and emerging talents, while helping book lovers find printed archives from the rare and established photographers. Bromide Books’ selection of artists is not limited by national borders, race, gender, age, etc. They have published photographers from China, Finland, France and Germany, and they will cooperate with photographers from more countries and regions in the future.

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