PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai Collector and VIP Card holders are given exclusive access to city wide events including private tours, intimate dinners, and dedicated museum visits, ensuring that the fair welcomes leading art collectors from across the Asia-Pacific and Pacific Rim.  

VIP Program | The fair provides an elegant and vibrant environment for both established and new collectors.  Events include dedicated collector and museum group initiatives led by international experts who explore the current opportunities in the international fine art photography market. 

Collectors' Program | Launched in 2017, the program brought together 30 leading collectors and curators from Germany, Australia, UK and US to experience an exclusive insight into the Shanghai art scene. Guests enjoyed an exclusive series of events including artist visits to Zhang Huan, Yang Zhen Zhong and Zhang Ding's studios, private tours with Zheng Hao, Founder of the new HOW Art Museum, Qiao Zhibing, Collector & Owner Tank Shanghai and HS Liu, Founder Shanghai Center of Photography.

City Tours | This year round program is committed to developing and engaging new and established collectors.  These dinners bring together collectors, curators, and key members of the press across China and Asia Pacific.  The 2018 dinner program includes Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei, Tokyo and Wuhan.  

To register as a PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai VIP please contact VIP Relations: