VIP | Photofairs

PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai offers a tailored program incorporating private tours, intimate dinners, and dedicated museum visits, ensures that the fair welcomes leading art collectors from across the Asia-Pacific and Pacific Rim.  

International Collectors' Program | Launched in 2017, the programme brought together 30 leading collectors and curators from Germany, Australia, UK and US to experience an exclusive insight into the Shanghai art scene. Guests enjoyed a seperat program of events including private tours of Zhang Huan's studio as well as a private tour and dinner  with Zheng Hoa, Founder of the new HOW Art Museum, Shanghai. 

VIP Program | Through a highly curated approach, the fair provides an elegant and vibrant environment for both established and new collectors.  2017 highlights includes a Collectors' dinner with De Beers Fine Jewellery and private tours with collector Qiao Zhibing.  

City Tours | An outreach program that runs throughout the year and demonstrates the fair's commitment to offering galleries a new network of collectors.  These dinners bring together collectors, curators, and key members of the press across China and Asia Pacific.  The 2017 dinner programme included Beijing, Chengdu, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Taipei, Tokyo. and Wuhan.

To register as a PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai VIP please contact:  Mia Tan, Head of VIP Relations on