Getting Around
Please ask your hotel to provide their address written in Chinese, as taxi drivers and general public do not read or speak English.  

Chinese Yuan Renminbi (RMB or CNY)
Symbol:  ¥
Banknotes:   Frequently Used ¥5, ¥10, ¥20, ¥50, ¥100, ¥1
Approximate Exchange Rate (September, 2019):
1 GBP = 8.82 CNY
1 USD = 7.08 CNY
1 Euro = 7.85 CNY

Getting to and from Shanghai Pudong Airport
Shanghai Pudong International Airport is located in Pudong New District, about 30 kilometers from downtown.  Taxis and the Maglev are well signed when you exit customs.  

A taxi costs approximately RMB150 - 200 to People's Square, the center of the city, and it takes around 50 minutes.

The Shanghai Maglev Train is the fastest scheduled train journey in the world and runs to a maximum speed of 430km/h. Trains depart the Maglev station at the airport every 15 minutes, and take just 7-8 minutes to arrive at Longyang Road station, where you can interchange on to Metro Line 2 or Line 7. A one-way ticket costs 50 RMB, and trains run between 7:02 and 21:42. Note that Longyang Road is not in central Shanghai, it’s still approximately 20 minutes to People’s Square via Metro Line 2 or take a taxi.  

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Alternatively, contact your hotel for shuttle services. 

Getting to and from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport 
Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport is the main domestic airport serving Shanghai, with limited international flights. It is located near the town of Hongqiao in Changning District, 13 kilometers west of downtown, and is closer to the city center than Pudong Airport.

The taxi fare from Hongqiao International Airport to People's Square in the city center is approximately 60yuan and it takes about half an hour. 

The Shanghai Metro lines 2 and 4 connect the two terminals of Hongqiao Airport to the city and further to Pudong Airport.