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Understanding a Photobook: Libro Arte


We caught up with Libro Arte to find out more about their opinion on the photobook medium and genre. The young Japanese publishing press takes particular interest in young photographers. In recent years, Libro Arte has become an active participant in art book fairs held in Paris, Taiwan and Korea.

What is your definition of a photobook? 

I think you can call it a collection of artworks. 

What is it about the book form that appeals to you?

I feel the photobook format makes my work look better.

What are your tips on how to 'read' a photobook? What and where should the viewer pay attention to?

This is a very difficult question. I think it’ll change from person to person, depending on their outlook on life.

What makes a photobook work?

I think art is important for everyday living and it works well when it changes the life of a viewer. I want to make a photobook that has that impact. 

What advice would you give to artists looking to make a photobook?

Have a clear idea of the type of book you want to make. Make dummies over and over again. Get feedback from a trusted companion.

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