Videotage | PHOTOFAIRS


Johnny Au, Pure Color, 1987. Courtesy of the Artist & Videotage (Hong Kong)


μs (microsecond)

63 mins, 17 seconds

Videotage, Hong Kong


Concept from Chilai Howard, curated by John Chow, this presentation shows video artworks of the early and present time in Videotage Media Art Collection (VMAC): From Johnny Au’s early visual abstraction using TV signal feedback as paints and brushes, to Hu Rui’s cutting-edge technology of programmed video and CG animation; from Ellen Pau’s  personal video letter in VHS format to Reynold Reynold's avant-garde video covering the hidden struggles between modern family relation; from Linda Lai’s early sampling technique of frames and motions from classic movies, to Jennifer Chan's latest approach of internet-found footages collage… Juxtaposing different duos of a similar theme, the program demonstrates not only the contrast in different times, media, and generations, but also the changing landscape of video art in Hong Kong, showcasing the huge spectrum of forms in video art history.