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PHOTOFAIRS is delighted to announce the inauguration of Weekend of Photography, a programme of photography exhibitions and events in Shanghai and beyond. These include the first ever solo exhibitions in China by celebrated international artists such as William Eggleston, Nan Goldin and Alec Soth, to name a few, alongside a screening partnership with OCAT Shanghai and digital presentations and events especially curated for the Weekend.

This initiative was launched following the cancellation of PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai 2020 due to the current global pandemic and in an effort to continue and support the artistic community. By encouraging collectors and visitors back into galleries and museums, PHOTOFAIRS aims to contribute to the recovery of the local market and foster new and meaningful ways for artists and audiences to engage.

Events in Shanghai 

Dialogues of an Introvert

Opening: 2020.09.11, 5-7 pm
Duration: 2020.09.11-09.20
Organizer: PHOTOFAIRS & Modern Eye 

In Dialogues of an Introvert, Sameer Tawde creates a fantasyland to explore the social context, political power, surreal daydreams and personal feelings through miniature sets, life-size installations, props and staged angles. The artist takes familiar everyday scenarios and turns them upside down, forcing the viewers to challenge their instincts and understanding of these moments. By doing this Tawde is interested in drawing attention to the separation and sometimes alienation between the self and the outside world and looks to suggest to viewers new ways of connecting with their surroundings. 

Four-Dimensional Paper: Handmade Paper and Hand-drawn Animation Workshop

Time: 2020.09.12, 2-5pm
Organizer: OCAT (Shanghai)

Moving Images Work Camp invites artists to talk about their artworks, meanwhile, taking the workshop as a form to share their methodologies and experiments in their practice with the public. Through which, OCAT Shanghai expects to extend the relationship of the audience and contemporary art - from viewing to participating in the progress of making. As the convener of the Moving Images Work Camp, YI Lian will take 4 - Dimensional Paper, an artwork in collaboration with a handmade paper workshop in Yunnan, as a showcase to share the thoughts in his practice in the workshop. Meanwhile, KIM Su Jin, a Korean artist focusing on paper as a medium of art, will join the program as a tutor to explore the core of handcraft in papermaking.

One Place After Another

Time: 2020.09.13 2:30-5:30 pm
Venue: OCAT (Shanghai)

A screening event featuring 10 video works created in 2020 showing how artists have been coping and engaging with the political, social and cultural issues of the year. Artists include Yang Yuanyuan, Feng Bingyi, Zheng Yuan, Liang Yue, Lin Yuqi, Cheng Xinhao, Giovanni Ozzola, Liang-Hsuan Chen & Musquiqui Chihying, and Pat Flynn.

The Space Between Us: Alec Soth

On-site premiere of artist Q&A video: 2020.09.12-09.13
Duration: 2020.08.01-11.20
Organizer: Shanghai Center of Photography

This is the first solo exhibition in China of American photographer Alec Soth, presenting a total of 44 representative works from the series Perfect Strangers, Looking for Love, Sleeping by the Mississippi, Niagara, Broken Manual, Songbook and latest I Know How Furiously Your Heart Is Beating. The exhibition allows viewers to follow along with the artist’s emotional and physical journeys, and the creative path he has taken through different periods of his work. Alec Soth is described by Mick Brown of Britain’s Telegraph newspaper as “one of greatest living photographers of America’s social and geographical landscape”. Since his debut series Sleeping by the Mississippi,(2004) created an immediate stir the same year of its release at the Whitney Biennial, Alec Soth’s works have been presented in museums and galleries around the world. Soth was invited to join Magnum Photos in 2006, and through his own imprint Little Brown Mushroom, as well as in collaboration with others, has published over 25 photo books to date.

SCoP will have the on-site premiere of Alec Soth Q&A video on Sep, 12th and 13th, 2020. Since the exhibition Space Between Us opened, they had collected varied and fascinating questions about the artist and his work from our viewers. Soth picked the ones most interests to him from numerous questions and had a conversation with us crossing timezones and the Pacific. 

Alter Gallery Solo Exhibition: The shadow is my lover, the heart is the enemy

Sharing session: 2020.09.12, 3-5 pm
Duration: 2020.8.30-10.25
Organizer: Alter Gallery(Shanghai)

This exhibition presents works from The shadow is my lover, the heart is the enemy created by artist Maleonn seven years ago. At that time, Maleonn was reading Andrey Tarkovsky’s autobiography Sculpting in Time, which deeply affected him. The series is a dialogue between the artist and famous contemporary Chinese poets by means of photography, including Bei Dao, Jianghe Ouyang, Yin Wang, Canran Huang, Yongming Zhai, Ke Mang, Haobo Shen, Xinqiao Yu, etc. To create each image, Maleonn first built complex scenes, but instead of shooting them, he used light to cast shadows on a white screen,focusing his camera only on the shadow. Therefore, the "protagonist" of each work is both poetry and shadow. The contrast between the constructed set and the resulting picture is hallucinatory. As Maleonn himself said, in his work: "there is no reality, only boundless fairyland. I hope you will think of them, with a vague joy, as a soft maze which walls you can traverse at any time and a puzzle that you can solve at will. You don't need to understand my works, just smile and play with them."

On the 12th September, The artist will host a sharing session. There is a series of artist Maleonn’s latest work “Your Portrait” taken in 2020 in the exhibition. He completely immerses his works in a setting of the old house in the 1980s and 1990s, which was laid out elaborately by himself in Alter Gallery. Within this unique atmosphere, he will share his artistic creation stories.

Wet-plate photography experience workshop

Time: 2020.09.13,1-3 pm
Organizer: TongWorkshop & Alter Gallery(Shanghai)

The scheme “Revival of Wet plate” is to convert the cold binary digital photos from your phone into physical photos with warmth and love through the ancient method of "wet plate photography". The development of technology makes us always think about how to "digitize" some old things, but somehow lets us ignore the fact that, our ancient techniques, those are disappearing can also "materialize" today's digital files.

Hugo Deverchère: PREVIEW – The Far Side

Opening: 2020.09.12, 5-7 pm
Duration: 2020.09.11-10.10
Organizer: Galerie Dumonteil (Shanghai)

Galerie Dumonteil is delighted to present Hugo Deverchère: PREVIEW – The Far Side, including four cyanotypes from The Far Side series, created for the Biennale of Urbanism / Architecture in 2019. The film Cosmorama is also screened during the exhibition. This exhibition is a prelude to the gallery’s solo exhibition of the artist scheduled for 2021. The Far Side (2019) consists of four digital infrared images. Through the use of a method developed for astronomical observations, this series depicts and links the hidden surface of the moon to the urban landscape of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, establishing a connection between known and unknown, visible and invisible. Cosmorama, previously projected at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, presents images of cosmic matter, volcanic debris, and primitive plants, using infrared photography and cyanotype print. This series integrates the past with the present and rebuilds a world that breaks down and transcends spatial and temporal scales.

Somewhere in the Past

Opening: 2020.09.12, 4-6 pm
Duration: 2020.09.11-10.31
Organizer: AroundSpace Gallery (Shanghai)

Photography was born with a mission to document. However, with the advance of technology and image manipulation, questions continue to be raised regarding the authenticity of the reality that is being documented. Images are captured, constructed, and post-produced in a darkroom or on a computer. The exhibition presents six artists including Dong Wensheng, Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao, Lu Yanpeng, Lu Yuanmin, Maleonn, Taca whose works share a focus on representing the past, both physical and emotional. Their art goes beyond traditional photography and is enriched by conceptual art and other visual vocabularies. As Susan Sontag once said, their works, like all photographic images, “Provide most of the knowledge people have about the look of the past and the reach of the present.”


Opening: 2020.09.12, 5-8 pm
Duration: 2020.09.12-10.18
Organizer: ArtCN (Shanghai)

ArtCN gallery is delighted to present Entropy, a group exhibition featuring a sculpture installation by Rachid Khimoune and the photographic works of Astrid Krehan and Michel Temman. Through different media, the three artists have used their own unique artistic language to explore the acceptance of chaos and the continuous transformation of energy in our modern society in our world today.

Stranger and Bridge

Opening Music Party: 2020.09.12, 2-5 pm
Duration: 2020.09.12-10.12
Organizer: Suzhou Museum

“Stranger and bridge” Photography and sound art exhibition on September 12th —— Curated by a group of strangers. Ruya Qian, a visual artist who is creative with photography, video, installation and ceramics. Qi Meng,a pioneering synthesizer designer and musician. These two young artists will cooperate with each other in this exhibition. 

Unproven Fallacy is Scientific

Opening: 2020.09.13, 4-6pm
Duration: 2020.09.13-10.26
Organizer: QUANTUM Gallery(Shanghai)

Baoyang Chen is an artist who works at the intersection of art and technology. Chen's artistic practice originates from his thinking that technology is more than a way of making art, but rather a collaborator of the artist. He often hacks the technology by altering its default application, to further fulfil his artistic goal. By synthesizing our collective experience with the desire to answer the ontological and ethical question of technology, he examines the boundary between us, machine and perceptual and embodied space in-between. In this new exhibition, the artist uses new technology to reinterpret the Classic of Mountains and Seas text, following mythological stories as narrative clues and deriving pictures from pictures as visual elements to construct a gamified space. The story unfolds from the perspective of the Nine-Tailed Fox character, as it explores the myths of Shanhaijing. During the chasing of algorithmic creatures, the audience can see and travel through an imaginary maze based on the story of Shanhaijing. Other works on display include Nuwa Mended, The Fallen, Yu the Great and The Flood. 

Exhibitions in Shanghai

Enlightened Spaces: Candida Höfer

Duration: 2020.09.05-10.31
Organizer: MATTHEW LIU FINE ARTS (Shanghai)

After a six-year absence, Candida Höfer has once again brought bright and tranquil visual enjoyment to Matthew Liu Fine Arts. This solo exhibition aims to show Asian audiences Candida Höfer's approach to spatial identity as encompassed in Europe before and after 1900, as well as spaces in Mexico and Argentina that were influenced by European styles at the time. lso presented are more abstract pieces recently created by Höfer. Through these traces of time, Höfer's meticulous work creates a deep and empathetic atmosphere of bright clarity.


Duration: 2020.08.16-09.20
Organizer: Edward Ressle (Shanghai)

Edward Ressle is pleased to inaugurate its new Shanghai gallery with BRUCE NAUMAN: VIDEO WORKS, the first solo exhibition of the artist in mainland China. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the Video Data Bank (VDB) of the Art Institute of Chicago and the titles were in the original Castelli-Sonnabend video art collection. Underlining the iconoclastic attitude of the gallery, BRUCE NAUMAN: VIDEO WORKS features five renowned key works produced between 1968 and 1969 that are widely considered amongst the most pioneering and influential works of 20th-century art history; radically changing not only artistic practice but also our general notion of art. Recorded with a Sony Portapak video camera purchased by the legendary gallerist Leo Castelli, the artist was offered an opportunity to experiment with the flexibility of the recording machine. This culminated in an intense period of video making for Nauman where he created a series of monochromatic film pieces, performing repetitive actions such as stamping, jumping, playing the violin, bouncing balls, within the premises of his studio. Each work is around 60minutes in length and when exhibited, they provide the audience with an impression that Nauman has been performing these various mundane actions forever, and thus subjects himself and the viewer to a minor test of endurance.

Updated Landscape: Guillaume Hebert Solo Exhibition

Duration: 2020.06.06-09.19
Organizer: M Art Center (Shanghai)

M Art Center is honoured to hold its third solo exhibition of French photographer, Guillaume Hebert, presenting two series of works, Updated Landscape (2017) and Beyond the Ordinary (2019). Updated Landscape, which Hebert began working on in 2012 during his 6-year residency in Asia, focuses on environmental issues through the combination of photographs of modern structures set against the backdrop of classic landscape paintings. Engaging with similar themes, Beyond the Ordinary, which was created in Paris and Berlin between 2017-2019, examines the impact of rapid environmental change and cultural collapse.


Duration: 2020.05-12
Organizer: Zhi Art Museum

Echo showcases artworks by 13 contemporary artists, from seven different countries. A wonderful mixture of different mediums, the exhibition comprises 20th century paintings, contemporary photography, multi-media works and installations. Inspired by the definition of the word ‘echo’, this show hopes to celebrate the fusion of art and  architecture throughout time.

The Toys of Time

Duration: 2020.05-12
Organizer: Zhi Art Museum

The Toys of Time exhibited on the top floor inside the foundation’s space is an experimental debut of the collection of BAO COLLECTION’s founder. Twelve pieces of works from more than 10 artists, including sculpture, contemporary paintings, photography and installations are on show. The creators are from a variety of different countries and eras. As implied by the exhibition’s name, The Toys of Time, the display takes an exquisite approach to present the pleasure a collector enjoys travelling through time.

Beyond Shanghai

He Bo Solo Exhibition

Online Guided Tour: 2019.09.12, 2pm, TikTok account: lapgallery
Duration: 2020.09.12—2020.10.21
Organizer: L.A.P. Gallery (Wuhan)

This solo exhibition will present four series of the artist’s works, including The Extending Punctums (2013-2015), Since Then, No One Has Talked with You (2016), Selfiers: Sealed with Images (with Xu Lei, 2016) and Several Echoes of March 8 (2018). These four bodies of works reflect the two main themes of He Bo's practice. The first is the function of images and words in conveying authentic information. The second is related to disaster events, where He Bo will use news images and related files to create different dimensions or rules in order to interpret particularly memorable moments in history. Amongst the events He Bo looks at the current pandemic. 

Surviving: Zhou Qiang Solo Exhibition

Duration: 2020.09.12-10.11
Organizer: View Art Gallery (Lanzhou)

This solo exhibition comprises photographs of cities, towns, rivers and mountains that Zhou Qiang has visited. Speaking about the series, Qiang says: “It was 2004, and I was fishing along the Yangtze River. As a 12 year-old boy who was out of school, I did not have much to do but linger around town. One day I went fishing and saw a stream of fishes floating on the Yangtze River with their bottoms up. Most were dead with a few of them catching their last breaths of life. It was quite an unsettling scene. A fisherman told me that these fishes were bought and set free by believers upstream. Thirteen years later, in 2017, I saw a free life pond in a temple. There are turtles in the pond enjoying the sun, and pigeons resting by. At that moment, these two encounters collapsed and I came to the realization about what I witnessed as a 12-year-old boy. I photographed the free life pond and then my journey of seeking connections between life and desire.”

William Eggleston

Duration: 2020.09.10-10.17
Organizer: David Zwirner (Hong Kong)

David Zwirner is pleased to present an exhibition of the American photographer William Eggleston’s medium and large format photographs from the 1970s, many of which have never been exhibited before. On view at the gallery’s Hong Kong location, this exhibition marks the artist’s debut solo presentation in the Greater China Region. Over the course of nearly six decades, Eggleston has established a singular pictorial style that deftly combines vernacular subject matter with an innate and sophisticated understanding of color, form and composition. His vividly saturated photographs transform the ordinary into distinctive, poetic images that eschew fixed meaning. A pioneer of color photography, Eggleston helped elevate the medium to the art form that it is recognized as today

Bernard Faucon

Duration: 2020.09.10-10.10
Organizer: Art Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute / Chengdu Contemporary Image Museum

French photographer Bernard Faucon has always been one for approaching his work differently, setting himself apart from the majority. The 76 works shown in this exhibition stem from when he first became interested in text and video at the advent of the digital era. Six highlighted series include The Time Before (Le Temps D’Avant); Summer Camp(Les Grandes Vacances); The Probable Evolution of Time (Évolution Probable du temps); Rooms of Love (Les Chambres d’Amour); Winter Rooms - Golden Rooms (Chambres en Hiver - Chambres d’Or) and Idols and Sacrifices (Les I doles et les Sacrifices), as well as his video art work My Routes (Mes Routes). 

Zhang Wei solo exhibition: Artificial Theater—Act II

Duration: 2020.08.18-09.30
Organizer: O2art (Beijing)

The selected works on show are based on the characters of iconic western paintings. By combining the body parts of hundreds of ordinary people, the original figures have been fragmented and replaced. The images highlight Wei’s skill in structure, proportion, outline, light and shade. The final images create a series of brand new, illusory portraits of ordinary women while simultaneously asking us to question the typical images created by the great Western masters. 

Celine Liu’s solo exhibition: “I’m Everywhere”

Duration: 2020.08.15-11.29
Organizer: HOW Art Museum (Wenzhou)

Photography is about the past, depicting moments of life frozen in time. It’s an evidence of one’s existence and a proof that certain events had taken place. Yet ever since its invention, this idea has been debated , and even false in our so-called “post-truth” age of media bias and fake news. Celine Liu explores the relationship between the imaginary and the real through photography and video art. The show presents three series of artworks by Celine Liu juxtaposed in the exhibition space: I’m Everywhere, Appme and Siren. In her practice, Celine Liu examines and re-contextualizes conventional social practices which have been  constructed and shaped by our digital existence and mass media environment. 

Damp Weather

Duration: 2020.08.08-10.10
Organizer: Mugetang Art Space (Chengdu)

This is a solo exhibition of Qiu's work, drawn from his photography and installation works created over a 20 year period, and his unique documentations of Southern light and shadows from a perspective that is both psychic and violent, esoteric and real. 

The Stones of Other Hills

Duration: 2020.08.06-10.08
Organizer: Suzhou Museum

Feng Yan's solo exhibition The Stones of Other Hills is the first exhibition of contemporary photography held by the Suzhou Museum. Nearly forty works are on display, including the complete Mountain Rock classic series. Feng Yan's works are represented by minimalist compositions, abstract paintings and portraits of objects formed through repeated scrutiny. The name of the exhibition comes from the ancient Chinese literature The Book of Songs. In response to the modernist garden-style exhibition space of the Suzhou Museum, there are also Tangling Deep Grass, Psychedelic Bamboo and Order series on display.

Nan Goldin: A Solo Exhibition

Duration: 2020.07.24-11.24
Organizer: Light Society (Beijing)

Light Society is pleased to announce Nan Goldin, the first-ever solo exhibition of the renowned photographer in China. The exhibition showcased works from the major phases of Goldin’s creative career, including The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, The Other Side, and I’ll Be Your Mirror. The Cibachrome prints featured in the exhibition are all originals from the 1980s and the 1990s and will be shown for the first time in China. Goldin’s work speaks for a community of people who are scorned, ignored and shunned by mainstream society. The visceral and unflinchingly emotional images she creates are her personal responses to values that have been rejected. While living among a group of young bohemians who find themselves marginalized by the society, Goldin uses her camera to document the everyday life of the inhabitants of this world, producing high-density images that are detached enough to preserve the necessary degree of objectivity but are also highly engaged, intensely subjective, and extremely intimate. Her work demonstrates the transformation of contemporary documentary photography from “speaking for others” to “speaking for oneself”, thus marking the rise of subjectivity in contemporary documentary photography and making Goldin a forerunner of photography diaries as a genre of its own. 

Golden Age: Five Masters of Japanese Photography

Duration: 2020.07.18-09.20
Organizer: Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (Beijing)

Golden Age: Five Masters of Japanese Photography presents 118 classic photographs by Nobuyoshi Araki, Daido Moriyama, Masahisa Fukase, Miyako Ishiuchi, and Eikoh Hosoe. They emerged in Japan in the 1960s and 1970s, and influenced by their predecessors, they contributed fresh ways of working to the development of Japanese photography. They are now considered a golden generation that is still influential today. The exhibition presents the photographers’ most familiar and important works (Moriyama’s Hunter Araki’s Sentimental Journey, Hosoe’s Ordeal by Roses, and Fukase’s Ravens), as well as Ishiuchi’s Moving Away, shown publicly for the first time. The exhibition does not follow a chronological path; the three sections Under the Burning Sun, Eros and Provocation, and Eternal Void link nearly 50 years of personal development that falls under these larger historical labels.

Moments: Group Show of Gallery Artists

Duration: 2020.07.18-09.20
Organizer: UP Gallery (Hsinchu)

COVID-19 has made the world ponder strongly on the moments in our lives, for minutes no longer hold significance when schedules can be cancelled and loved ones could be lost at any moment. Through the transition from chaos to the new norm, in the past few months the society has all taken a chance to rethink and revalue the meaning of life. UP Gallery has taken the time to update their various online platforms and systems. Moreover, it gave us a great opportunity to revisit our collection and curated this new show on our main floor with works from artists Yichia Liao, Sameer Tawde and Kurt Tong. UP Gallery hope this will be a new beginning for everyone, with selected works and pieces that were never shown to the public, and enjoy the most meaningful moments when we live in it!

A Multidirectional South—More Than Moisture and Softness

Duration: 2020.06.27-09.20
Organizer: Jiazazhi (Ningbo)

South, where is the south? If we stand on the South Pole, do we still have south? It is easy to realize that the south is a relative concept based on those questions. The existence of north defines south in the necessary communications of human beings. 

In this art book exhibition, taking the location of Jiazazhi library in Ningbo as the starting point, south is defined as a pan-Southeastern and equatorial area. It includes southern China, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, India and Indonesia. The exhibition tries to take a perspective of “living and life”, and offer the viewer a pathway into this area.

The photographer 214’s continuous artistic creation in the villages of Guizhou province would bring the viewer into a hot and humid environment. In Singapore, the intention of creating a “City in a Garden” stimulates the interests of Singaporean photographers Robert Zhao, Kevin WY Lee and Woong Soak Teng. 

The Indonesian photographer Romi Perbawa reflects on the common presence of juvenile horse racing in Indonesian daily life. The destiny of the last ox in Singapore encourages Robert Zhao to explore the history of oxen in his homeland. The lens of the photographer Vasantha Yogananthan features the animals that live in harmony with human beings in the suburban areas of India. The artist’s use of the technique from Madhubani paintings reminds us of Indian religious paintings. 

And lastly, the artist Ki Wong and her team call for the return to nature and one’s roots by researching on the ups and downs of the Pak Sha O village. Through these art books, viewers could have a taste of living in southern places, and make more imaginations beyond life when reading each book.