Why Shanghai? | PHOTOFAIRS

Why Shanghai?

"It has been an eye-opening experience and surprising fair.  I have been introduced to impressive new work by the Chinese galleries and made exciting discoveries among both established and emerging photographers." 

Simon Baker, Tate Modern, London

PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai was launched in 2014 as a direct response to the increasing demand in Mainland China and the Asia-Pacific region for modern and contemporary fine art photography and moving image.  

China is one of the top three markets globally accounting for 20% of annual global turnover with Shanghai in particular being one of the largest visual arts hubs in Asia. The market has shown increasing buoyancy over the last decade, with a steady increase in sales across commercial platforms and a rapidly developing market for the photographic medium.  

Shanghai presents itself as an exciting opportunity due to the maturity of the local art scene, the rapid increase in private museums and cultural institutions, and the growth in presence of local and international auction houses and galleries.

"The photography market in Asia has seen an unprecedented burst of activity in recent years, regional institutions and private collectors, having finally recognised the significance of photography as a visual medium, are now making serious acquisitions of top-tier historic and contemporary work."

Christopher Philips, Adjunct Curator, International Center of Photography, New York

The boutique scale of the fair (gallery participation is capped at 50 places) offers galleries and collectors an environment that facilitates new connections and offers unrivaled exposure and opportunity for galleries to operate in the fastest growing market in the world.

PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai above all facilitates the possibility for regional & international collectors to witness the work of collectable photography by emerging and established artists from the Asia-Pacific Region, the Americas and Europe.

"PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai will certainly very quickly become an unavoidable stopover on the international art fairs circuit.  Thanks to the specially selected galleries and focused talks program there is less ‘déjà vu and the fair offers a great opportunity to make new discoveries from the contemporary Chinese art scene."

Jean-François Dubos, Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris

What the Galleries Say

"This is our fourth time exhibiting at PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai. The fair gives us a valuable platform to build and develop connections with collectors and expand our longstanding work with the Chinese market. It's amazing how engaged people are and it feels like photography is exploding as a sector here. We look forward to next year's fair and our own exhibition in Shanghai, which we have organised around the time of the fair "
Sophie Wright, Global Cultural Director, Magnum Photos

"I am very happy with my first year of participation at PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai and the Chinese community has been extremely receptive to the works I brought.  I have made many new connections and am optimistic that I will be building on those connections and returning to do even more in the future.  There has been a lot of interest in both the high-end iconic classical works as well as the contemporary works I brought".
Robert Mann, Robert Mann Gallery

"Exhibiting at the fair for my third year, l feel that the quality of the collectors is excellent - I am very pleased with the level of interest and my sales have included two video works by Yang Yongliang which is very promising."
Matthew Liu Gallery

"After four years’ effort, the whole industry has been pushed and improved in China. More and more people pay attention to photography and moving images now. A lot of major institutes are making photography shows to coincide with the PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai dates. The Insights exhibition and the addition of Spotlight really adds to the public program."
Vanguard Gallery, founder, Lise Li