Why Shanghai? | PHOTOFAIRS

"The photography market in Asia has seen an unprecedented burst of activity in recent years, regional institutions and private collectors, having finally recognised the significance of photography as a visual medium, are now making serious acquisitions of top-tier historic and contemporary work."
Christopher Philips, Independent Curator, New York


PHOTOFAIRS was launched in 2014 as a direct response to the increasing demand in Mainland China and the Asia-Pacific region for modern and contemporary fine art photography and moving image.  

China is one of the top three markets globally accounting for 20% of annual global turnover with Shanghai in particular being one of the largest visual arts hubs in Asia. 

PHOTOFAIRS has witnessed a widening embrace of the photographic medium in China since 2014 – four major museums dedicated to photography have opened and photography exhibitions in China have increased by 250%. 

Shanghai’s mature art scene coupled with the rapid increase in private museums and cultural institutions, with the growth of local galleries and PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai facilitates the possibility for regional & international collectors to discover collectable photography by emerging and established artists from the Asia-Pacific Region, the Americas and Europe.


"PHOTOFAIRS  will certainly very quickly become an unavoidable stopover on the international art fairs circuit.  Thanks to the specially selected galleries and focused talks program there is less ‘déjà vu and the fair offers a great opportunity to make new discoveries from the contemporary Chinese art scene."
Jean-François Dubos, Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris


What the Galleries Say

“This is our first time participating in the Fair and we are really excited to be here. So far this week we have seen a great reception from the general public and from the collectors at the Fair and we’ve had a wonderful time exhibiting our work in the exhibition.”
Sean Kelly Gallery, New York & Taipei

"This is our first time here at PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai and it’s been a really rewarding experience. We’ve met some great new collectors, young collectors, old collectors and we also met curators who were very interested in our program."
bitforms, New York

“PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai is a very focused Fair. It has proven to be a good place to connect with collectors who are interested in contemporary art from outside of China and want to add to their collections.”
KÖNIG GALERIE, Berlin & London

“What excited me the most was the very refreshing young collectors I have met and how uncomplicated and down to earth and open minded they are in
extending or starting their collection.”
Christophe Guye Galerie, Zurich