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Won Seung Won - The Sight of the Others

© WON SEOUNG WON, The Water-grass Network of IT Specialists, 2017. Courtesy of Arario Gallery (Seoul, Cheonan, Shanghai)

WON SEOUNG WON - The Sight of the Others
Courtesy of Arario Gallery (Seoul, Cheonan, Shanghai)

Hundreds of photographed images taken by the artist herself transform into a fantastical image through her elaborate working with a computer. The imaginary space being narrative speaks of yesterday and today with personal tomorrow, and by extension, relationships between each individual of contemporaries. In her work composed with the artist’s distinctive views based on a realistic logic and the unfamiliarity by delicate imagination, the profound and heavy subject of human is revealed as a wit and visual amusement, as well as evoking an analogue feeling. Her work from an existing incident in reality delivers subtle emotions. And the image containing a story begins to infinitely expand onward like a three-dimensional picture book which keeps unfolding new time and space page after page.

WON Seoung Won was born in 1972 in Korea. She graduated from Chungang University, Seoul, and received her M.F.A. in 2002 from the Kunstakademie Dusseldorf and M.F.A. in Media Art in 2005 from the Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln, Germany. Starting from the My Life (1999) series, WON’s long term researches for creating and transforming new photographic landscapes with her own narratives have been developed through the series of Dream Room (2000-2004), Tomorrow (2008), My Age of Seven in 1978 (2010), Pilling Yesterday, Rippling Today, Wondering Tomorrow (2012), Character Episode (2013), and the most recent work The Sight of Others (2017). Her solo exhibitions include “Skeptical Orgy,” Podbielsky Contemporary, Berlin, Germany (2014); “Character Episode I,” Artside Gallery, Seoul (2013); “1978, My Age of Seven,” Gana Contemporary, Seoul (2010); “Tomorrow,” alternative space LOOP, Seoul; and Gana-beaubourg, Paris, France (2005). Won’s works are included in the permanent collections of international museums and institutions including Osthaus Museum, Hagen, Germany; Santa Barbara Museum of  Art, USA; Fidelity Worldwide Investment, USA; Kunsthaus Lempertz, Cologne, Germany; Museum of Photography Seoul, Korea; Seoul Museum of Art, Korea; Geonggi MOMA, Korea; Goeun Art Foundation, Korea. WON Seoung Won currently lives and works in Seoul.