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Xiang Yun Loh

About Artist

Xiang Yun Loh (b. 1988) is an artist and scientific botanical illustrator who lives and works in Singapore. Her work interrogates how people relate to nature. Using her observations made through drawing, painting, and photography, she examines the everyday to study how nature is managed and engineered in our cities.

Through durational projects that map and document plants in our surroundings, she charts the changing ways we see and define nature.

In 2018, she began her professional career as a scientific botanical illustrator, producing work for Singapore Botanic Gardens. Her drawings were included in scientific publications such as floras, monographs, and new species descriptions primarily using dried and alcohol-preserved herbarium specimens. She is currently contributing illustrations to the 10-year project ‘Flora of Singapore’ spearheaded by the Singapore Botanic Gardens under the National Parks Board (NParks). It aims to catalogue and describe all the plant species that can be found in Singapore, from mosses to flowering plants. 

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