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Here are selected images from Yichen Zhouʼs new series, A Guidebook of Image Reading. Zhou explores the idea of image reading in an era (today) where images overflow, or as she calls it a time of ‘image explosion.’ Her series is even more relevant during the pandemic, where it’s the norm to spend time at home and connect with the world through the Internet. We are constantly exposed to images, it is beyond our control, and Zhou questions if we can read images autonomously.
Zhou uses photographs, videos, incandescent tubes, neon lights and other mediums to highlight and manipulate the information in the images. Her images are not composed of one medium, rather they are a mixture of media. The artist asks us to consider if we are reading these images independently or if we are in fact becoming fools who believe in those fragments of information.


Yichen Zhou, born in Inner Mongolia, 1986, is an artist working with photography, video, performance and installation. She was raised in Beijing and moved to New York in 2010. Her performance-based pieces explore her identity as part of a new generation of Chinese artists and points to the challenges of living in a world where multiple cultures and values are in conflict.
Zhou received her Masters in Fine Arts in Photography and Related Media at Parsons School of Design in 2012. Her work has been exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Gallery HO in New York, St Petersburg Art Museum in Russia, Three Shadow Photography Center in China and SCOPE Art Fair in Miami. She was nominated for the Madame Figaro Women Photographer Award at Jimei, Arles International Photography Festival, in 2018 and won the Alane Fineman New Photography Award at Ballarat International Foto Biennale in 2019.

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