厉槟源 - 断裂点

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开幕:9月18日 5-8pm







From 5:00pm To 8:00pm

Artist Talk | Chen Wei

Leading contemporary artist Chen Wei (ShanghART Gallery) discusses his new work and recent publication in conversation with Penny Liu (Editor in Chief, China, Ocula).

From 3:30pm To 4:30pm

The Photography Museum in China

Leading museum directors and owners discuss the importance of creating a space for the medium and how they look to develop the market with HS Liu (Founder & Director, Shanghai Centre for Photography), Rong Rong (Artist & Founder, Three Shadows Photography Centre, Beijing), Weixing Zhong (Founder, ChengDu Contemporary Image Museum, Chengdu), Ni Lu (Curator, X-MUSEUM)

From 2:00pm To 3:00pm

Collectors Exhibition | Taking the Leap

Ying Kwok (independent curator) leads a discussion about the development of the Collection, the influence of New Media and taking risks with Lindsay Taylor (Curator, University of Salford Art Collection) and Sarah Fisher (director, Open Eye Liverpool) and Collection artists Lu Yang and Wu Chi Tsung (Sean Kelly Gallery).

From 5:00pm To 6:00pm

Exposure Award | Noemie Goudal

Noemie Goudal (Artist, Les Filles du Calvaire), winner of the inaugural Exposure Award, speaks with Cao Dan (President, Modern Eye) about the use of technology and reality/unreality.

From 3:30pm To 4:30pm