© Huntrezz Janos, Tinsel Polycarbonate, 2019, courtesy of the artist and TRANSFER

PHOTOFAIRS New York adds a new and distinct dimension to the global art fair landscape as seen through the release of the Program and Exhibitor highlights. Exploring the evolution of image-making and photography, the inaugural edition looks ahead to its next frontiers.  

Alongside its booth presentations, PHOTOFAIRS New York features a range of dynamic special projects, large-scale installations, publishing projects, and an annual acquisition prize for exhibiting artists, established in partnership with 21c Museum Hotels. Visitors have the opportunity to explore an array of highly-curated presentations, from surveys considering the craft and materiality of photography, to its intersections with emerging technologies.

“We are so excited to bring together such a variety of organizations and artists, offering an expansive and forward-thinking view of photography and image-making,” says Helen Toomer, Director, PHOTOFAIRS New York . “Our exhibitors and partners are truly invested in the new platform that PHOTOFAIRS New York provides for their programs and their artists, and we are looking forward to our first of many annual convenings.” 

© Ole Marius Joergensen, Evening at Fjarland, 2021, courtesy of Momentum


PHOTOFAIRS New York’s debut edition welcomes a highly curated selection of exhibitors from more than 20 cities around the world—from renowned photography dealers to interdisciplinary contemporary art galleries and organizations at the forefront of emerging technologies.

In addition to a range of thematic and group exhibitions, more than a third of the fair is devoted to solo artist presentations. Highlights include: HESSE FLATOW’s presentation of photographs, prints, and video works by New York-based artist Adama Delphine Fawundu, whose practice explores themes of indigenization and ancestral memory; TRANSFER’s showcase of Huntrezz Janos’ multilayered face filters, which use augmented reality to explore the mythology of self; Nil Gallery’s presentation of works by Ghanaian artist Caleb Kwarteng Prah, who blends street photography and personal archives to portray contemporary Ghana; never-before-seen portraits from Katsu Naito’s Once in Harlem series, exhibited at The Fridge; a physical and digital presentation by Praise Shadows Gallery of Nicole Wilson’s durational project Ötzi, where the artist photo-documents the process of reconciling ancient and contemporary tattoo practices; artist duo Elliot & Erick Jiménez’s showcase of staged photographs that personify deities and saints within Yoruba and Catholic syncretism, presented by Spinello Projects; a selection of Maleonn’s photographs and installations, including the artist’s tribute to painter Jheronimus Bosch’s 15th century masterwork The Garden of Earthly Delights, at Shun Art Gallery; and Momentum’s presentation of cinematic landscapes from Norwegian artist Ole Marius Joergensen’s latest series, which explores the mysteries of rural life.

Image: © Ana Teresa Barboza, Lomas, 2023, courtesy of Robert Mann Gallery

Many of this year’s solo and dual presentations spotlight the work of artists examining the craft and materiality of photography and its intersections across media and discipline, from drawing and painting to fiber techniques and collage. 

Highlights include: Elijah Wheat’s solo presentation of Rhiannon Adam’s new series Composites, for which the artist arranges large-scale Polaroid emulsion lifts on watercolor paper; Brooklyn-based artist Delphine Diallo’s new series Golden Age, unveiled in Fisheye Gallery’s solo booth, which combines portraiture and collage to give new life to African cult objects; Luis De Jesus Los Angeles’ display of a new body of work by Chris Engman that sees the artist employ drawing and painting alongside photography for the first time; and Robert Mann Gallery’s presentation of artists including Cig Harvey, Jane Waggoner Deschner, and Ana Teresa Barboza, whose practices combine photography with various historical fiber techniques.


PHOTOFAIRS New York’s expansive view of image-making explores contemporary intersections with digital art and new media. Several exhibitors specializing in emerging technologies present new digital projects, as well as engage audiences virtually. 

Highlights include: The Path, an exhibition staged by Postmasters Gallery featuring photographs and video by Kenny Dunkan, Damjanski’s AI-assisted app alongside photographic works, and a sculpture by Jennifer and Kevin McCoy that employs cinematic footage created through an algorithm; bitforms’ group exhibition of works by pioneering artists including Marina Zurkow, Quayola, and LaJuné McMillian, who engage new technologies to interrogate themes of identity, representation, and environment.

Exhibitors were chosen by the fair’s esteemed Selection Committee: Sebastián Alderete (ROLF ART, Buenos Aires); Amanda Coulson (TERN Gallery, Nassau); Nicholas Fahey (Fahey/Klein Gallery, Los Angeles); and Putri Tan (Gagosian, New York & 19 cities worldwide), in collaboration with PHOTOFAIRS New York Director Helen Toomer.

© Kenny Dunkan, AFFINITIES ARE MIRACLE, 2019, courtesy of Postmasters Gallery



The fair’s first edition also marks the launch of the 21c Acquisition Prize, an annual award established in partnership with 21c Chief Curator and Museum Director Alice Gray Stites. The prize is awarded to an artist exhibiting at PHOTOFAIRS New York whose work has been selected by Stites to join 21c’s esteemed collection. Stites and PHOTOFAIRS New York Director Helen Toomer will present the inaugural award at the Javits Center on Friday, September 8, 2023.

“21c seeks to support today’s most dynamic artists, working in a wide range of media and addressing the pressing issues of our time,” says Stites. “We are excited about discovering visionary artists working in innovative photographic and digital media at the inaugural edition of PHOTOFAIRS New York and expanding the collection further through the establishment of the 21c Acquisition Prize.”

© Emma Safir, Modern Prometheus III, 2023, courtesy of Baxter Street


Complementing the booth presentations are special projects from the fair’s programming partners. The international photography museum Fotografiska presents a special installation of recent portraits by Cara Romero that explore ideas of Indigeneity and Futurism. Jamaica Art Society stages Memories Don’t Leave Like People Do, an exhibition of video works curated by founder Tiana Webb Evans featuring work by artists Simon Benjamin, Zachary Fabri, Ania Freer, Timothy Yanick Hunter, and Jamilah Sabur, and explores the tension between knowledge, memory and history. 

Center of Photography at Woodstock showcases the work of Tommy Kha, the recipient of the organization’s 2023 Emerging Artist Award, while Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York presents modern prometheus III by Emma Safir, an alumnus of their Guest Curatorial Program.

Robert Mann Gallery’s presentation of Sayler/Morris’ Eclipse, a site-specific video animation and soundscape that commemorates the lost species of the passenger pigeon; Throned, a mobile photo-installation by interdisciplinary artist Tiffany Smith presented by TERN Gallery that creates a meditative setting for participants to have their portrait taken; Jackson Fine Art showcases The Mind-Baby Problem, a sculptural presentation of photographer Tabitha Soren’s raw and intimate exploration of the bond between mother and newborn, and the emotional complexities of new and unconditional love; and Rolf Art Gallery’s presentation of Andrés Denegri’s Uprising, a large-scale film installation merging photochemical images, filmstrips, and film projectors with their respective sound environments to resemble a large kinetic machine.

Throughout the weekend, the fair hosts a dynamic conversation series convening a group of thought leaders in dialogue about issues and relevant topics in the field. Programming partners include 21c Museum Hotels; Aperture; Artwrld; Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York; Center for Photography at Woodstock; The Cultivist; Dear Dave, Magazine; Fotografiska; Gagosian Quarterly; International Center of Photography; Jamaica Art Society; and Printed Matter, Inc. A complete schedule of talks and participants will be announced in the coming weeks.


Debuts at the Javits Center from September 8-10, 2023 (VIP Preview on September 7)