More than one third of the fair is devoted to solo artist presentations. 

Highlights include: HESSE FLATOW’s presentation of photographs, prints, and video works by New York-based artist Adama Delphine Fawundu, whose practice explores themes of indigenization and ancestral memory; Nil Gallery’s presentation of works by Ghanaian artist Caleb Kwarteng Prah, who blends street photography and personal archives to portray contemporary Ghana; never-before-seen portraits from Katsu Naito’s Once in Harlem series, exhibited at The Fridge; a physical and digital presentation by Praise Shadows Gallery of Nicole Wilson’s durational project Ötzi, where the artist photo-documents the process of reconciling ancient and contemporary tattoo practices.

Artist duo Elliot & Erick Jiménez’s showcase of staged photographs that personify deities and saints within Yoruba and Catholic syncretism, presented by Spinello Projects; a selection of Maleonn’s photographs and installations, including the artist’s tribute to painter Jheronimus Bosch’s 15th century masterwork The Garden of Earthly Delights, at Shun Art Gallery; and Momentum’s presentation of cinematic landscapes from Norwegian artist Ole Marius Joergensen’s latest series, which explores the mysteries of rural life.

Many of this year’s solo presentations spotlight the work of artists examining the craft and materiality of photography and its intersections across media and discipline, from drawing and painting to fiber techniques and collage. Highlights include: Elijah Wheat’s solo presentation of Rhiannon Adam’s new series Composites, for which the artist arranges large-scale Polaroid emulsion lifts on watercolor paper; Brooklyn-based artist Delphine Diallo’s new series Golden Age, unveiled in Fisheye Gallery’s solo booth, which combines portraiture and collage to give new life to African cult objects; Luis De Jesus Los Angeles’ display of a new body of work by Chris Engman that sees the artist employ drawing and painting alongside photography for the first time.

Several exhibitors specializing in emerging technologies present new digital projects, as well as engage audiences virtually. Highlights in this approach in the solo artist presentations include TRANSFER’s showcase of Huntrezz Janos’ multilayered face filters, which use augmented reality to explore the mythology of self.


Rhiannon Adam, Elijah Wheat

Michelle Bui, McBride Contemporain

Patty Carroll, Catherine Couturier Gallery

Larry Cook, Chela Mitchell Gallery

Adama Delphine Fawundu, HESSE FLATOW

Delphine Diallo, Fisheye Gallery

Ruud van Empel, Huxley-Parlour


Merik Goma, Management

François Halard, Ruttkowski;68

Yangah Ham, PIBI Gallery

Pieter Henket, The Hulett Collection

Huntrezz, TRANSFER

Elliot & Erick Jiménez, Spinello Projects

Flavia Junquiera, UniX Gallery

Shai Kremer, Art Bond NY

Caleb Kwarteng Prah, Nil Gallery

Maleonn, Shun Art Gallery

Amanda Marchand & Leah Sobsey, Rick Wester Fine Art

Ole Marius Jorgensen, Momentum

Katsu Naito, THE FRIDGE

Nicole Wilson, Praise Shadows

Chris Engman, Luis De Jesus Los Angeles