© Artworks of the 2023 Insights Exhibition

Listen, Listen to the World

Seven artists present the moments in which they connect to the world.

In an instant, everything outside consciousness is divided into “external objects” or “external surroundings,” which recedes infinitely as if eternally out of reach; tables, chairs, merchandise, the body, the view from the window and the traffic lights all become alienated. This alienation emerges from long-haul solitude, where the extraordinary secret can surface from mundane matters.

Albeit beautiful, lifestyle in modern society is also intensive and compulsive. It constantly emanates instructions and signals; people are trained to respond quickly. The exhibition showcases works by seven artists who attempt to penetrate the signals surrounding people. Placed in a magnificent space, they quietly connect themselves to another forgotten time and space.

The Insights exhibition of PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai 2023 is adapted from the cover exhibition Listen, Listen to the World, of The New York Times Life and Arts China issued on 10th December 2022. The exhibition is curated by independent curator Yang Zi and supported by Insights lead partner The New York Times Life and Arts China

Exhibited artists

Shi Guowei

Hu Yinping

Li Hanwei

Wu Ding

Liu Chuang

Hu Weiyi

Liu Fujie

© Onsite Shots of the 2023 Insights Exhibition

About Curator

Yang Zi is an independent curator. He received his bachelor’s degree in philosophy and religious studies from Nanjing University. In 2020, he was awarded the first Sigg Fellowship for Chinese Art Research. Yang Zi has nearly ten years of experience in art critic writing and curation. In 2011, he served as editor of LEAP, and wrote extensively for a range of publications such as Artforum China and the Art Newspaper China. He was the curator and the head of Public Programs in UCCA. He curated numerous exhibitions and public programs, including The New Normal: Art and China in 2017, Pity Party, Land of the Lustrous, In Younger Days, Zhuang Shiand and other projects, as well as many solo exhibitions.