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For this year’s Insights sector, entitled Softness, three galleries from the United States are brought together by PHOTOFAIRS New York Director Helen Toomer to present innovative and multidisciplinary works united by themes of malleability and softness.

Ranging from portraits focusing on the delicate forms of the human body and the tenderness of interpersonal interactions, to landscapes highlighting the gentle beauty of the fauna and flora, the exhibition evokes ‘the power of art to bring comfort and reprieve through a multi-sensory experience’. The audience is invited to reevaluate the importance of softness in helping us to make sense of the world around us.

Participating exhibitors are: bitforms gallery (New York), presenting digital works by Ellie Pritts and Auriea Harvey; Elijah Wheat Showroom (Newburgh), presenting Liz Nielsen’s light paintings, Jon Verney’s Decomposites, and Rhiannon Adam’s collages of large-scale Polaroid emulsion lifts on watercolor paper; and Fahey/Klein Gallery (Los Angeles) showcasing works by the acclaimed Australian duo Honey Long and Prue Stent, exploring the relationship between femininity and the natural world.

This exhibition is the first collaboration between PHOTOFAIRS’ editions in Shanghai and New York, facilitating cultural exchange between the fairs to offer audiences an expansive, cross-border view of the photographic medium.


bitforms gallery

Elijah Wheat Showroom

Fahey/Klein Gallery