I Am Warning You

I Am Warning You

Artist: Rafal Milach

Publisher: GOST Books

GBP 55

– Photographs: Rafal Milach
– Text: Michael Dear, Antje Rávic Strubel and Ziemowit Szczerek
– Design: Ania Nałęcka-Milach
– Book Size: 21 x 26.5 cm
– Pages: 312 pages
(4 books of 68 / 76 / 144 / 24 pages)
– Binding: 
Boxed set of four books with soft covers and exposed spines
(#13767 + I Am Warning You + Death Strip + Collected Essays)
– Publication Year: 2021
– Limited Edition: 500
– ISBN: 978-1-910401-60-6

I Am Warning You by Rafal Milach is a book-quadtych dedicated to three different border walls: American-Mexican (#13767), Hungarian-Serbian-Croatian (I Am Warning You) and the Berlin Wall (Death Strip). Collectively, alongside a collection of essays, they present an architectural survey dedicated to propaganda and control whilst also collecting experiences—the memories and scars—of the borderland communities. The quadtych represents various physical structures that are degrading from one book to another—from the heavily fortified American wall to the Hungarian electric fence to the traces and memory imprints of the Berlin Wall.

About Rafal Milach

Rafal Milach (b.1978, Poland) grew up during the collapse of the Soviet bloc. He studied graphic design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland, before ‘falling in love’ with photography the first time he picked up a camera. He later studied at the ITF Institute of Creative Photography of the Silesian University in Opava, Czech Republic, where he is currently a lecturer. His works have been widely exhibited in Poland and worldwide, and can be found in the collections of the MoMA Warsaw, CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw, the ING Polish Art Foundation, Kiyosato, the Museum of Photographic Arts (Japan), and Brandts in Odense (Denmark). I Am Warning You is Milach’s eighth monograph and joined Magnum as a Nominee in 2018.

About GOST Books

Founded in 2012, GOST Books is an independent visual arts and photography publisher based in London.

We pride ourselves on an uncategorisable output of diverse subject matter and design: from a chronicle of seven men claiming to be the Messiah; a study of Turkish soap operas; art works inspired by the largest breeding grounds for flamingos in the Southern Hemisphere; archive photographs from the Mexico City police department; to portraits of winners of state-run competitions in Belarus.

GOST aims to not only provide a platform for the work of emerging artists but contribute to print legacies of masters in the medium.

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